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20th January 2018
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22nd October 2018
Commercial heat pumps

30% Grant for Commercial Heat Pumps

A new government grant to support the installation of commercial heat pumps in Ireland has opened. The grant for heat pumps of  30% toward the cost of installing air to water heat pumps and also ground source heat pumps was announced yesterday by SEAI.

Eligible Buildings and Spaces

The one off grant of  30% for the installation of large scale heat pumps is open to all Non ETS sectors so will make sense for all commercial and industrial sectors where heat is required.  Some recreation buildings are also eleigible.   Agriculture sector and Public bodies are also eligible.

A list of the eligible building types are below

  • institutional residential (group 2a);
  • other residential (group 2b);
  • offices (group 3);
  • shops (group 4a);
  • shopping centres (group 4b);
  • some assembly and recreation buildings (group 5);
  • industrial buildings (group 6);
  • storage buildings (group 7a).
  • District heating schemes – with multiple residential properties

Eligible Heat Uses

There are three acceptable heat uses which can use heat pumps and will be grant aided.  Applicants need to apply the heat pump to at least one of these heat uses.

Heating Space:

Kronoterm 90 kW Air to Water heat Pump

Space heating is the energy needed to meet the energy demand associated with a typical use of the building calculated using the NEAP methodology (NEAP: Non-domestic Energy Assessment Procedure, published by SEAI). In order to be regarded as ‘heating space’ for the purposes of the Scheme, the activity in each space or zone in the building must be selected from the list of activities as defined in the NEAP Activity Database, available at Support Scheme for Renewable Heat Grant Scheme Operating Rules and Guidelines


Heating Water:

Heating water will qualify as an eligible purpose if the water being heated is used within a commercial, agricultural, public sector or industrial building or district heating scheme in an Eligible Building.

grant aided hot water heat pumps

Hot Water Heat Pumps for Water Heating or Process Heat

Glenergy’s hot water heat pump is an ideal heat pump technology for this application.  Easy and inexpensive to install with great ROI.

Process Heat:

Process heat in the form of hot water for processes such as industrial cooking, pasteurisation, chemical manufacture and agriculture in an Eligible Building will qualify as an eligible purpose.

More Information

Glenergy has a proven track record in delivering projects on this scale – see our case studies here.   We are agents for the premium Kronoterm brand of commercial heat pumps in Ireland .  See a video about this great heat pump company below. If you would like to discuss your options please contact us on 01 5563100 or to find out more about our commercial heat pumps and other renewable energy systems.


More information is available from SEAI here.



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