Heat Pumps on the Coast

Salt Water Corrosion and Heat Pumps
The Solution:
The Kronoterm ADAPT heat pump is a good choice of heat pump to install in coastal locations as it can resist salt water corrosion when installed in sea -side locations. Salt water corrosion if not considered will result in failure of the heat pump within a short period of time so it pays to invest in a quality heat pump that has more enhanced protection for operation in harsh environments.

Careful design has gone into producing the unique ADAPT heat pump which includes Kronoterm’s unique Complete Weather Protection for heat pumps. The external case of the ADAPT heat pump is Powder coated, zinced, steel plate housing but can optionally made out of stainless steel or
Corten sheet metal for further protection.

More info below:

KRONOTERM CWP™ – Complete Weather Protection – This unique treatment of the heat pump casing protects the evaporator’s surface and provides protective guards against climatic conditions while ensuring a constant and appropriate flow of air, first-level protection against indirect precipitation or flash freezes, small amounts of defrosting, higher efficiency, and more reliable operation. Their exceptional construction and advantageous height give ADAPT heat pumps the right amount of airflow through the evaporator even during snowstorms.

corroded heat pump

Most heat pumps are not designed for continued exposure to salt water environments present in seaside locations. The metal casings that protect the fans, electronics and compressors are susceptible to galvanic corrosion which can cause failure over time.

Galvanic or bimetallic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals are connected in a conductive solution. In this case the conductive solution is salt water which is present in seaside locations and the two metals are two different metals contained in the heat pump housing.

The salt water allows for the accelerated corrosion of one of the metals present. It is vitally important that any mix of metals in heat pumps in seaside locations are adequately protected against salt water exposure. The ADAPT design ensures this exposure is minimised while other heat pumps will corrode.