As part of our premium range of Heat Pumps Glenergy supplies premium- PICO ENERGY Heat Pumps from Austria.

PICO ENERGY are an Austrian company who have been manufacturing heat pumps for harsh Alpine Winters for more than 30 years now.

They can easily be described as the Mercedes of heat pumps as they only produce premium quality heat pumps. PICO ENERGY maufacture heat pumps that work both incredibly efficiently and that last an incredibly long time. With the most efficient Air to Water heat pumps in Ireland it’s hard to argue with their quality.


Heat pumps are the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient way to heat your home.

Heat pumps use the latent heat energy in the air or ground and multiply it to comfortably give us the heat we need at the lowest cost. For every one unit of energy that goes into a heat pump up to 5 units of heat comes out meaning heat pumps have the lowest running costs out of every heating technology on the market today. An average sized new house can have heating costs of as little as €250 per year with existing houses coming in around €500 – that’s massive savings on existing conventional boiler heating systems!

There are two major types of heat pump available available from PICO ENERGY:

The most common heat pump type which uses the heat present in the air to produce heat.

The most efficient system. Takes heat from the ground and uses it to produce heat from your home.