A geo thermal bore system for shallow drilling areas

GeoKoax is an innovative new product which allows for geo thernal borehole drilling in shallow drilling areas. If your site will not allow for deep drilling normally required for geothermal heat pumps GeoKoax is the product to use.



The core of the of geoKOAX heat exchanger technology is passive turbulence. The continuous change from laminar flows to turbulent flows increases the heat transfer coefficient by 20% in the case of a 9ft 10in/ 3m probe and by up to 100% in the case of a 32ft 9in/10m probe (Source: RWTH (Rheinisch Westphalian Technical University) Aachen)


The geoKOAX probe features up to 6.5 times as much carrier fluid volume as conventional probe systems. The coaxial tube is filled with a heat carrier liquid with particularly low viscosity and serves to store heat. This permits a precise release of the required energy at a constant temperature and also longer down-times of the heat pump, which are relevant for annual performance figures.

Contact surface area

The geometric concept of the geoKOAX system means that the contact surface area for geothermal heat is twice as large as that for conventional geothermal probes. As result of the homogenous, smooth coating, the space between the probe and the soil is even. This ensures a homogeneous filling of the annular space without any air pockets.

Low borehole resistance

The arrangement of multiple pipes, which is common with conventional geothermal heat pump probes, has proven to be suboptimal for transmission of energy, because the space between the pipes and the soil is uneven. The concentric orientation of the geoKOAX coaxial tube ensures that the space between the coaxial probe and the soil is even, thus leading to significantly lower borehole resistance. This makes for much better absorption of energy, which is relevant for annual performance figures.