NDX HEAT SOURCE GROUND - Home-made energy, free of charge

NDX HEAT SOURCE GROUND - Home-made energy, free of charge

Using your plot of land you will become your own energy provider using the NEURA NDX® ground source heat pump. Thanks to the sun, the rain and geothermal energy your garden will always be 'charged' just like an energy storage unit. Even at very low outside temperatures you will enjoy a constantly available heat source.

Our optimally conducting copper absorbers laid out in the garden are a guarantee of top operational safety. It is in these absorbers, which are connected directly to the NEURA NDX® ground source heat pump, where the working medium circulates. You have no limitations in terms of garden design - everything is possible excluding plants with deep-reaching roots.

Plug&Heat® – Install & heat

The NEURA NDX ground heat pump is filled at the factory with a cooling medium and tested. It only needs to be connected to the heating system at hour side. There is no need for the usual personnel evacuation, filling and soldering work at the site.

Why it makes your life more comfortable:

• high efficiency, high capacity even during low temperatures
• requires only a small area for placement (less than in the case of brine-based systems)
• Plug & Heat: the simplest installation; ready-to-work, tested delivery straight from the factory
• no limitations on garden design (excluding deep-rooted plants)
• thanks to Web Dialog you can access your thermal heat pump any time from anywhere in the world.


The 'D' in 'NDX' stands for 'direct', and is the most ground-breaking method of using the heat of the ground efficiently. Directly and without any diversions for maximum effect.


• Highest efficiency
• Plug & Heat system
• Quiet and efficient operation thanks to scroll technology
• 10 year Premium Warranty
• Supports WEBDIALOG®