12th September 2018
Commercial heat pumps

Commercial Heat Pump Grants

30% Grant for Commercial Heat Pumps A new government grant to support the installation of commercial heat pumps in Ireland has opened. The grant for heat […]
20th January 2018
heat pumps warm a house

Heat Pump Grants for Households

€3,500 grant for heat pump upgrade announced The Minister for the Environment and Climate Change announced a new government grant to support the installation of heat […]
20th January 2018
the best heat pumps in Ireland

The Best Heat Pump

What Is The Best Heat Pump   What is the best heat pump?  Is a question we often hear when discussing heat pumps with our clients.  […]
15th January 2018

Heat Pumps – Best Practice

Heat Pumps: Best Practice Guide SEAI have an old but still relevant document on heat pumps and best practice.  It contains a lot of information on […]
2nd January 2018
Heat pumps in Ballymun Boiler House

Heat Pumps and CHP in Ballymun Boiler House

Glenergy Heat Pumps and CHP chosen for Ballymun One  of the projects we were involved in in 2017 was the redevelopment of the Ballymun Rediscovery Centre […]
8th December 2017

Ground Source Heat Pumps

What are Geo Thermal Heat Pumps The ground stores a large amount of energy from both solar radiation and rainfall. To extract this energy, ground collectors consisting of […]