LW640 HOT WATER SOLUTIONS - Energy source: room air

The warmth from the cellar or rooms used for storage - often also waste heat from appliances like the freezer or washing machine - serves the type L NEURA warm water heat pump as a supplier of energy in the air circulation process. Thanks to direct condensation and modern cam and piston compressor technology, the water temperature may reach up to 65 °C. And in addition, the air in the rooms is heavily dried. This doesn't only help the wet laundry, but also the basement walls, which are often in danger from condensing water.

Energy source: heating circulation system

The warm water heat pump of the R type does not require any storage or cellar rooms. This new technology utilises the residual heat from the heating circulation system. What is a nice additional effect is being able to somewhat counteract the effect of overheating of rooms by sunlight in the summer.

Why it makes your life more comfortable:

• Hot water temperatures up to 65 °C (protection against legionella guaranteed)
• Removal of humidity from cellar
• High performance coefficient (up to 4,1)


Hot water solutions:

• Home-made energy - Warmth free of charge
• The hot water heat pumps from NEURA
• Utilise the hidden sources of energy of your house
• As a free supply of warmth.


• High efficiency coefficient thanks to cam-and-piston pump technology and direct condensation
• Hot water temperatures up to 65 °C
• Independent from the existing heating system