Dairy Farm Heat Pump

The Glenergy Dairy Farm Hot water heat pump is ideal for dairy farms as they produce hot water up to 80 DegC at the cheapest rate available. Typically 3 times cheaper than standard dairy farm water heaters, the heat pumps are also really easy to install as a direct replacement for an existing water heating cylinder.

Why Use It?

Most Dairy Farms in Ireland use a standard electric immersion to produce hot water,  this is a costly and inefficient way of heating water.    The Glenergy Dairy Farm Heat Pump on the other hand is the most efficient way to heat water available and will produce 80 DegC hot water at 50% of the cost of a standard electric water heating system and 65 DegC hot water with savings of 66%.


How A Dairy Farm Heat Pump Works

Using air to water heat pump technology the Dairy Farm Heat Pump takes energy from the air and produces hot water via a heat pump compression cycle. 

It can utilize air at any temperature down to – 7 DegC so can be easily installed in any Dairy Farm setting.  Further efficiencies can be achieved by using wasted heated air from a compressor room or similar.

The Dairy Farm Heat Pump also works in tandem with Farm Solar PV systems with the ability to talk to the Solar PV system and utilise any excess solar energy for heating water, further reducing costs.

The system can be installed by any competent plumber or by Glenergy’s installation service.

A TAMS grant is also available for these heat pumps as it is upgrading a water heater. See the video below for a testimonial from a dairy farmer in Limerick who saw a reduction of 66% in his water heating costs after he installed a hot water heat pump from Glenergy.

Dairy Farm Heat Pump