It can be tricky getting heat pumps to provide Part L compliance. On new builds there is the responsibility of specifying a heat pump that not only assures compliance but is also designed correctly for the heat load of the building. This is where Glenergy and Neura heat pumps can really help.

Best in Class on the HARP Database:

Neura heat pumps have the highest SPFs in their class on the HARP database. An SPF or Seasonal Performance Factor is an indiaction of how efficient a heat pump is across the whole year so Neura heat pumps are officially the most efficient heat pumps on the market in the 6kW, 8 kW, 14 kW, 18kW and 20kW heat pump range. Installing a Neura heat pump easily gets you to an A2 rating on a well-insulated house without using any other technologies like solar thermal or PV.

Heat Load Design EN12831

We also design the heat pump according to the heat load of the house and provide a detailed heat load document calculated according to EN12831. This is best practice and is expected to become a SEAI requirement shortly.

Many Benefits:

The benefits of using Neura are many so we have listed them below:
• Best SPF in class on HARP – highest SPFs for 6 kW, 8 KW, 14kW, 18 kW and 20 KW Air to Water heat pumps
• Can heat water to 60 DegC. 0.7 efficiency factor on the DHW tab can be used
• Heat load calculation according to EN12831 provided with every specification so the heat pump is deigned correctly for the house and heating system
• Pipe heat loss calculation document per dwelling also provided
• DEAP EPC, CPC and Renewable Energy requirements easily met
• A2 rating easy to achieve because of high SPF levels
• A1 rating also easily achievable with combination of Solar PV and good insulation levels
• In house BER assessor available to help with specification details should you need them.

HARP Listing:

Click below to go to the HARP database on the SEAI website:

Alternatively you can download a copy of the Neura Air to Water HARP listings on PDF here