NDB HEAT SOURCE GEO THERMAL - Highest efficiency 365 days per year

A NEURA NDB thermal heat pump may work with a drill hole depth of up to 100 metres. For the option of deep drilling, the primary heat source is not surface heat absorbed from the sun, but the warmth from the interior of the Earth. The temperature is constant throughout the entire year, and guarantees warmth even during very low outside temperatures, hassle-free operation and excellent performance.

Heating or cooling - whatever you wish for

Thanks to the NEURA NDB thermal heat pump you may not only heat. You can also use the heat pump for cooling, in order to achieve a nice interior atmosphere in the summer. The cooling takes place through the 'heating system'. The warmth collected from the rooms is routed through the heat pump to the soil/the deep hole, effecting a regeneration. Thus you more or less 'charge' the soil in order to be able to heat your house in the winter.

Why it makes your life more comfortable:

• Highest efficiency even during periods of very low outside temperatures
• Usable over the entire year - for heating and for cooling
• Can be installed outside or inside
• Low space requirement



When the available area for the laying out of a ground collector is not sufficient, the use of a soil thermal probe is a possible option. The probe is introduced into a drilled opening and covered. Brine, a solution protecting against the freezing of water, circulates in the probe, taking up the thermal heat from the ground and running it to the heat pump. Because the temperature of the ground is constant throughout the entire year, also in winter you will have a secure heat source for your home. Depending on the properties of the soil, for 1 kW of thermal heating power of the heat pump one needs approx. 15 to 20 m probe depth.