Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy is a fantastic technology for reducing water heating costs. The technology is over 200 years old and works simply by exposing solar panels to sunlight making the panels hot. This free heat is then used to heat water.

Ireland receives only 25% less sunlight than you get in Spain so we have a very effective solar resource here. With an estimated 10,000 buildings in Ireland using solar thermal today the technology is tried, tested and working brilliantly.

See our dedicated Glenergy Solar Website for more information on prices and installation:


• Hot Water Heating.
• Space Heating Support.
• Commercial Process Heating.
• Solar thermal systems can save up to 70% on hot water bills and will provide totally free energy for over 20 years.
• €1200 available from SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme
• CO2 savings.
• Solar thermal systems are great at reducing CO2 emissions as the fuel source (the sun) is completely clean. Recommended for entities involved in ISO 50001 certification.