The AirGo heat pump is a unique heat pump for many reasons, out performing other more standard heat pumps in a number of ways. It is the only heat pump that can combine both Air and Ground as heat sources for the heat pump. It can combine a 30-meter copper coil buried in the ground with its' fan-less air-collector. This design embodies a hybrid solution, where energy is always drawn from the air and, when temperatures fall below freezing, is also extracted from the ground. The AirGo can also function happily with just the air evaporator.

The fan-less air-collector requires no defrosting, which gives a highly efficient operation and a high rate of energy exchange. The simple design results in many advantages notably avoiding the requirement for a fan to move air across the heat pump evaporator. This results in low maintenance and long life of the evaporator which comes with an unbeatable warranty of 20 years!

Its well-thought-out design makes the AirGo a very simple and cost-effective device to install. It can be installed in many places that other heat pumps can't - it can be installed horizontally on roofs or vertically on walls or a standard upstanding install in a garden/yard.

Lastly the AirGo heat pump is completely suited to coastal / seaside locations where corrosion is an issue. Standard air to water heat pumps are subject to corrosion from salt water present in the air in coastal locations with the only protection being a temporary coating that can be applied. The aluminium construction of the AirGo heat pump is resistant to salt water corrosion so coastal locations pose no corrosion issues.

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