Vulcan Water Treatment – Hard Water

The Vulcan de-scaler is your eco-friendly solution to scale and rust problems. Vulcan is a chemical free water treatment system, which uses Vulcan-Impulse-Technology to physically treat the water.

By doing this, Vulcan changes the crystallization process of liquid calcium, making it loose its adhesive power. Vulcan uses only electronic impulses to treat the water: no salt or chemicals are needed.

Finally, an eco-friendly and additive free alternative to water softeners!

• Your ecologically friendly solution to scale and rust problems
• No salt, chemicals or magnetism!
• Appropriate for pipe diameters from 1/2" to 20" (10-500 mm)
• Fully cast in a protective acrylic case for optimal endurance
• Do-It-Yourself installation – no need to cut the pipes!
• Appropriate for all pipe materials – iron, copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel, PVC, plastic, PE-x, compound pipes, etc.

Hard water causes many problems in Irish buildings. The creation of limescale deposits in water pipes in the main problem. Limescale primarily consists of magnesium and calcium – two minerals which on their own are quite healthy. However, these minerals are not good for your piping system as they block up your pipes and unfortunately, scale deposits also catch other unwanted and potential harmful substances which create even greater threats.

As well as causing corrosion limescale deposits create perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Since deposits are uneven and have rough surfaces, little sockets within scale build up becomes a perfect hideout in which bacteria can nest. Limescale deposits also decrease the efficiency of your heating system meaning you can pay more to heat your home or premises in hard water areas.

Treatment for limescale has traditionally used chemical solutions to flush the pipework but Glenergy now supplies the non chemical Vulcan electric impulse system which is a far more effective and healthy way to descale your pipework and prevent further limescale issues.