Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology is the most versatile renewable energy source available. Solar PV panels generate electricity when they are exposed to sunlight so can be used to add clean cost effective power to almost any situation.

The solar panels can be easily installed on any building or on the ground and can be grid connected or stand alone. Solar PV literally brings energy home allowing a building to become more energy independent and insulated from high electricity price inflation.

See our dedicated Glenergy Solar Website for more information on prices and installation:


• Electricity generation for offsetting electricity use in any building or situation.
• Cost effective technology for achieving Part L renewables compliance on new build projects.
• Great synergy with heat pumps, PV production off sets the electricity used for heating.
• Small to medium sized Solar PV systems can produce electricity at a cost as low as €0.13 ex VAT per kWh over 20 years. This is cheaper than any standard utility price and will not increase due to inflation.
• CO2 savings.
• Solar PV systems are great at reducing CO2 emissions as the fuel source (the sun) is completely clean. Recommended for entities involved in ISO 50001 certification.