Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps in Ballymun Boiler House
Heat Pumps and CHP in Ballymun Boiler House
2nd January 2018

Graphic for geothermal heat pumps

What are Geo Thermal Heat Pumps

The ground stores a large amount of energy from both solar radiation and rainfall. To extract this energy, ground collectors consisting of plastic or copper pipes are buried in the earth, either horizontally or vertically. A  fluid mixture is then circulated through the pipe loops, taking this heat from the ground and transferring it to the heat pump.  The heat pump then uses this heat to evaporate a refrigerant gas which is compressed to produce heat to heat a home or building.

Horizontal Ground Collectors

Horizontal ground collectors are one method used and provide an effective method of extracting heat from the ground. The pipework is buried at a depth of about 1.25m. The land area required is dependent on both the capacity of the heat pump and heat conducting ability of the soil type in which the pipes are buried.  All this has to be assessed before installation.

Vertical Boreholes for Heat Pumps

When ground space is small the heat pump collectors can be installed vertically in a borehole. These can be drilled up to 100m deep in the ground. Multiple boreholes can be used in larger installations where high quantities of heat  are required.

Glenergy provide the Kronoterm and Pico range of ground source heat pumps.  These quality heat pumps provide a renewable heating solution for all requirements. They are suitable for use with either radiators or underfloor heating systems and also provide domestic hot water.   If your requirements are for a lot of heat or you just want to go the extra mile for the optimum heat pump system give us a call on 01 5563100 to discuss your options.

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