10th January 2020

Large Heat Pumps – Kronoterm Expertise

Heat Pumps are becoming more and more effective at industrial levels and Kronoterm are leading the field in bringing heat pumps to this sector. Currently available […]
6th January 2020
Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pump

Kronoterm Adapt – the most efficient heat pump

ADAPT HEAT PUMP – BEST ON BAFA LIST (NOVEMBER 2019) Created by the outstanding heat pump engineers in Kronoterm, the ADAPT heat pump is recognized as […]
4th March 2019

Why Kronoterm Heat Pumps?

CEO of the Lust Tomato Farm, Martin Zigo, explains why they chose a Kronoterm heat pump as the best solution for heating their Green houses.
3rd March 2019

Heat Pumps for Farms

Kronoterm Heat Pumps on Farms The most famous Slovenian Tomato Producer, Lušt sweetened their bottom line by using a Kronoterm heat pump. Lust installed a Kronoterm heat […]
22nd October 2018

Solar PV Grants

SOLAR PV GRANT SEAI has recently announced a grant scheme for retrofitting solar panels for producing electricity (PV panels) to houses built before 2011. The grant […]
12th September 2018
Commercial heat pumps

Commercial Heat Pump Grants

30% Grant for Commercial Heat Pumps A new government grant to support the installation of commercial heat pumps in Ireland has opened. The grant for heat […]