6th July 2020
solar panels - payback

Solar Panels – Payback

Every now and then you come across something that makes you stop and think. Last week we were called to service a solar thermal system in […]
10th January 2020

Large Heat Pumps – Kronoterm Expertise

Heat Pumps are becoming more and more effective at industrial levels and Kronoterm are leading the field in bringing heat pumps to this sector. Currently available […]
6th January 2020
Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pump

Kronoterm Adapt – the most efficient heat pump

ADAPT HEAT PUMP – BEST ON BAFA LIST (NOVEMBER 2019) Created by the outstanding heat pump engineers in Kronoterm, the ADAPT heat pump is recognized as […]
4th March 2019

Why Kronoterm Heat Pumps?

CEO of the Lust Tomato Farm, Martin Zigo, explains why they chose a Kronoterm heat pump as the best solution for heating their Green houses.