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4th March 2019
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Kronoterm Adapt Heat Pump


Created by the outstanding heat pump engineers in Kronoterm, the ADAPT heat pump is recognized as the most energy efficient at the German institution BAFA, compared to 1,176 heat pumps tested.

The ADAPT Kronoterm heat pump was unparalleled amongst all the 1,176 heat pumps tested – the annual SCOP reached an incredible value of 5.2 (Adapt version 0424).

The Adapt has an even higher COP of 5.9!! at an Air Temperature of 7 DegC

BAFA publishes an independent performance data sheet of as many as 1176 different heat pumps from all over Europe on the basis of performance certificates issued by accredited contractors. The types of heat pumps that were included in the list are: air / water, exhaust air / water, brine / water, geothermal and many others. The ADAPT Kronoterm heat pump has been integrated into the energy efficiency of air / water pumps under four different temperature conditions: at -7, 2, 7 and 10 ° C air, at an outlet water temperature of 35 ° C. 

This means that it has been checked how much kW the heat pump needs at different degrees of ambient air to be able to heat the water to 35 ° C. On this basis, a COP heating number is calculated for each temperature value , which measures the efficiency of the heat pump. The determination of the efficiency of heat pumps in Europe is standardized to the standard EN 14511. This defines the conditions under which heat pumps are tested and, consequently, to determine their COP values. The standard specifies specific test points for measuring the efficiency with respect to the temperature of the inlet source of energy (eg outdoor air, exhaust air, gas, ground or surface water, ground heat… – in our case, outside air) and the converted output heating source (in our case water ).

When purchasing heat pumps, the COP heating number is of the utmost importance as it announces efficiency to the prospective user – the higher the heating number, the more efficient the operation. Even more useful is the annual SCOP heating number, which represents the energy efficiency of the heat pump throughout the year.

A link to the BAFA list is here:

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