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22nd October 2018
Why Kronoterm Heat Pumps?
4th March 2019

Kronoterm Heat Pumps on Farms

The most famous Slovenian Tomato Producer, Lušt sweetened their bottom line by using a Kronoterm heat pump.

Lust installed a Kronoterm heat pump on their Tomato farm as they wanted to reduce their heating costs and lessen their impacts on the environment.

For the optimum growth of tomatoes in greenhouses, it is essential to provide optimum climatic conditions with respect to the growing cycle (adequate moisture and heat)  regardless of external weather conditions. This means that for great tasting of tomatoes it is necessary to have warm greenhouses in the winter and partly cooled in the summer.

Choosing the right heat pump system is essential for optimum production in order to ensure great taste at the lowest possible cost. In looking for the right solution Lust contacted heat pump experts from Kronoterm and together they initiated a project for the construction of a new customised heat pump.  This heat pump was designed to cover a need for existing and additional heating capacity in their greenhouses. As a result in 2017, Kronoterm  developed and produced the largest heat pump in Slovenia, with a power output of 2000 kW!  This is the largest heat pump in Slovenia and was successfully installed and started in early 2018.

Prior to installing a heat pump the greenhouses were heated by hot water from a geothermal well and natural gas.  The ROI on this project for Lust is estimated to be in the region of 1 year.  See the CEO of Lušt explain why he chose Kronoterm as the best heat pump solution for his company:


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