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10th January 2020
solar panels - payback

Every now and then you come across something that makes you stop and think. Last week we were called to service a solar thermal system in Shankill in Dublin. It was an old solar thermal system about 15 years old but still working away producing hot water and the solar panels in good repair. It just needed some TLC .

On closer inspection the system and the panels looked familiar and it turns out that it was a solar system supplied by one of the Glenergy team about 15 years ago. The thought struck us that this system had probably paid for itself twice over by now and still had another 10 years in it before any major changes were needed.

The next thought was that at the time of selling this system the customer would have deliberated about payback times and the return on the investment etc. which was likely to have been around 7 years or so. Whilst this customer had the foresight to proceed with the solar system, many other people at the time would have looked at the figures as well and deemed the payback too long and not have invested.

However when you see these systems still operating and producing free energy 15 years later it’s clear this customer made a smart move all those years ago. One thing is for certain and that is that Time marches on. The payback period for a system may seem long now but it WILL come to pass and everything after that will be profit.

NOW is the time to invest in renewables, solar panels, heat pumps etc.. they will save you money and you will be better off in the future.

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