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12th September 2018
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3rd March 2019


SEAI has recently announced a grant scheme for retrofitting solar panels for producing electricity (PV panels) to houses built before 2011. The grant is substantial at €700 per kw of solar panel installed and an extra €1000 for battery storage. This is a game changing grant for Irish households as it makes solar pv a great option for reducing electricity costs and carbon emissions for normal houses in Ireland.

It is estimated that 500,000 homes, 50,000 businesses, and 75,000 farms have suitable roof space for Solar Panel systems.  If you would like to generate your own clean electricity please get in touch.



  • Houses built before 2011 are eligible – click here to check your eligibility
  • €700 per kw grant funding available
  • 4 kW solar pv systems are the maximum size that will be grant funded
  • Solar PV Systems up to 2 kW do not need battery storage to receive grant funding (€1400)
  • Solar PV Systems above 2 kW have to install battery storage to receive grant funding
  • Battery Storage is grant aided by €1000
  • Solar PV systems with over 7 panels will require planning permission




Solar PV systems bigger than 2 kW will need to install a battery to qualify for the grant funds. The battery element of the install is worth an extra €1000 on top of the €700 per kW for the solar panels. People with existing PV systems can also apply for the battery grant if they want to add storage. The grant covers a lot of the hardware costs in many cases so is well worth looking at.

More information on the Solar Grant is available from SEAI here.

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