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15th January 2018
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Heat Pump Grants for Households
20th January 2018
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What Is The Best Heat Pump


What is the best heat pump?  Is a question we often hear when discussing heat pumps with our clients.  It’s a valid question but also comes with that annoying answer of “it depends..”  There a number of different types of heat pump and some fit a particular requirement better than others.  We have outlined a few of those requirements below and the best heat pump to use in that situation.

Best Heat Pumps For New Builds

Heat pumps are particularly useful in new builds.  The low heat requirement of a well insulated house is easily provided by a heat pump at very low cost.  Heat pumps also satisfy Part L building regulations which require a minimum amount of renewable energy and efficiency in new build homes.  The best heat pumps to use in new builds are Air to Water units,  our Toshiba CIAT and Kronoterm Hot Water Heat Pump combination will satisfy the regulations easily and at an unbeatable price.  If you want to push the boat out on the extras have a look at our Kronoterm heat pump comes with incredible web based controls to allow for full remote control of your heating system.  Both heat pumps can be reversed to provide cooling in the summer if required.


Best Heat Pumps For Renovations, Extensions and Existing Houses

There is a big push to help people switch their existing heating system from fossil fuels to heat pumps.  SEAI have introduced a grant worth €3500 from April 2018 to help in this switch.  This will be particularly interesting to people who are renovating or extending their house or upgrading the insulation levels of an existing house.  Once the house is well insulated it is ideal for a heat pump.  The best heat pump to use in this scenario is one that can be bolted on to an existing radiator system.  Our Toshiba CIAT heat pump is the best system to use here as it can run at higher temperatures and is just as well suited to heat radiators as well as underfloor heating.

There are few details available on the grant at the moment but we will keep this page updated with more information on the heat pump grant once it is available.  If you would like us to contact you when more details are available please send us an email by clicking on the button below.


Best Heat Pumps For Heating Water

If you have a high hot water demand there is a specific  heat pump designed for this.  Nursing homes, hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and high domestic users would all benefit from installing hot water heat pumps. The best heat pump to use to heat hot water is the Kronoterm Hot Water Heat Pump These award winning heat pumps are specifically designed to produce hot water at the most efficient rates available.  These heat pumps are the cheapest way to heat water and are also very affordable.  They come in 200L, 270L and 450L sizes.

Best Heat Pumps For Coastal Locations

Heat pumps can corrode very easily if installed close to the sea.  The salt water causes galvanic corrosion and standard heat pumps can fail after a short time in this situation.  The best heat pump to use here is the Jifon AirGO heat pump    The AirGO is unique in that it has no moving parts to fail around the evaporator,  the evaporator is made of aluminium so will not corrode in seaside locations.  The AirGO can also be coupled with a ground loop to increase its’ performance and longevity.


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